3-Hour GOLDZONE Leadership Seminar – Zoom

Thu Aug 15, 2024 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT

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Are you a Leader, Follower, or Bystander? Discover potential limitations to your success and propel it by 200% to 3,200% by understanding the seven types of leaders. You will learn how one change could transform your leadership from mediocrity to greatness!

Our clients love us! Here are examples:

  • Medical Doctor changes jobs and triples their income.
  • Business Owner saved a $500,000 deal.
  • Senior Manager transformed their health, reversed diabetes, and no more food coma!

Join Goldzone Group Co-founder Andrew John Harrison in this 3-Hour Leadership Seminar online via Zoom. Be part of a cutting-edge conversation and discover transformative ideas and actionable tools you can apply immediately to reap tangible results.